Can I Switch From Braces To Invisalign?

The confusion to choose between invisalign or braces is relatively common in orthodontic patients. While both treatments are effective, some people might question if they can switch from braces to invisalign. Well, yes, it is possible, but it all depends on the patient’s condition and the appropriate time to switch.

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    Signs You Should Consider Switching from Braces to Invisalign

    Invisalign allows you to unnoticeably straighten your malocclusion. If your dentist recommends you to switch from braces to Invisalign, considering your teeth condition, here are the five signs that can help you make the decision:

    1. Self-Conscious
      You might consider getting Invisalign if wearing metal braces is affecting your social life and ability to manage your job and school. Since Invisalign is transparent and not visible to others, it is good for maintaining your self-esteem and confidence.
    2. Diet
      Braces restricts you from eating certain food items, especially hard foods, since they can risk the wiring and brackets. So, if you’re tired of this restricted routine, you may consider transition from braces to invisalign.
    3. Inconvenience
      Braces are famous for being inconvenient and painful, and if you, too, fear pain and discomfort, aligners are the right choice. Aligners are easy to take and are more convenient than braces.
    4. Oral Hygiene
      Braces requires extensive amount of dental hygiene maintenance since fixed to your teeth, including brushing after every meal as well as flossing. So if you’re tired of it, go for invisalign.

    Things to Consider

    You must consider a few things before the transition from braces to invisalign, such as:

    • Time
      The transition timing depends on the situation of your teeth. Usually, it is carried out in the midst of your orthodontic therapy.
    • Dental Instructions
      For your treatment to be effective, you must wear your Invisalign as directed by your orthodontist.
    • Extra Expense
      Using invisalign may come with extra expenses, such as those for the new aligners and any necessary corrections.

    Questions About Can I Switch From Braces To Invisalign??

    What Invisalign Offers

    It’s not usually about effectiveness since both procedures provide efficient results. Braces are recommended more for severely damaged teeth, while Invisalign treats rather mild crooked teeth. If you have opted for braces and considering switching to invisalign after a while, you can still have optimal results. With the use of a set of specially designed aligners, invisalign progressively moves your teeth into the ideal alignment.

    Step for Transition

    The transition step comprises the following:

    1. Orthodontic evaluation
    2. Digital scanning or impressions
    3. Creation of aligners
    4. Transition plan
    5. Patient Education


    Can I switch from braces to invisalign? Yes, you can. Mid-treatment correction is possible, however, consulting your dentist about your desire and the condition of your teeth should be your first step. If your teeth are ready for the transition, your dentist will favor your request to switch from braces to aligners.

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