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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Crown & Bridges

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You may have a number of questions when it comes to your dental care.  Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions we receive. 

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Crown & Bridges

Crown lengthening is a procedure often associated with a fair amount of pain and discomfort, and that's why our practitioners do their best to administer lengthening treatments that not only minimize pain but also reduce long-term irritation and discomfort that allow you a much faster return to your normal routine. We apply a local anesthetic during the procedure and prescribe the pain medication most appropriate to your situation.  

We will work to determine your specific needs so that we may provide the dental care most appropriate to your unique tolerance for pain. Dr. Swarna and her staff want to make you as comfortable as possible and will use the wealth of knowledge and experience at their disposal to address any concerns you might have regarding your crown lengthening procedure.     


Absolutely! Crowns often fall out or get lost over time, and it is not uncommon to require a replacement. This is typically not a difficult procedure and can be performed rather easily.

Our expert dental professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in crown replacement and can provide you with a quick, quality crown repair that looks better than the original! Come in for a consultation today.

A crown is an application used to repair a badly-broken or damaged tooth without the need for removal or dental implantation. Essentially, a crown is a cap used to restore a tooth to its original appearance and prevent further damage or decay.

A bridge, unlike a crown, utilizes existing teeth to fill in an area left vacant by a missing tooth. This method anchors a prosthetic tooth into the gap with the two adjacent teeth to establish symmetry and create a natural-looking appearance.

Our practice offers professional crown and bridge treatments that are both safe and affordable. Call us today to see if you either treatment is right for you.   

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