Childrens Dentistry

Children dentistry requires a gentle hand and a friendly, fun approach to dental health.  We work with children of all ages and help them to feel comfortable and at ease while in our office.

It's important to begin taking care of your children's teeth at a very young age.  Even though baby teeth are temporary, they require specific care and at-home hygiene to insure future dental health.

When they first come in, you can wipe your son or daughter's new teeth with a soft, moist cloth.  When they get a bit older and get more teeth, you can start using a soft-bristled tooth brush with a small amount of toothpaste.  Dr. Swarna can help you learn about the best dental home care for your little one.

By the time they are 2 or 3, you can begin to teach your children good dental hygiene and they can learn to brush and take care of their teeth on their own!

Around age 2, your child is ready for his or her first dental visit!  Dr. Swarna will gently examine your child's teeth and gums and may take digital x-rays to make sure their teeth are growing properly.

We will also discuss your child's medical history as well as any habits, like thumb-sucking, that may need breaking.  Thumb-sucking should be discouraged after the age of 4 because it can cause crooked teeth and malformation of the roof of the mouth.

When your child gets a little older, Dr. Swarna can discuss the possible need for orthodontics, if necessary.  We will also want to see your children well into their teen years.  Adolescents may lose motivation for at-home dental care, so dental checkups are especially important at this age.

One common question we receive is about fluoride treatment.  Fluoride offers extra protection for your children's teeth.  Routine fluoride treatments help fight tooth decay.  We offer this standard treatment to all of our young patients.

We also commonly use sealants with children to help protect against tooth decay.  Sometimes, cleaning the uneven surfaces of the teeth can be difficult, leaving those areas vulnerable to cavities.  Sealants act as tough coatings that block plaque from forming on these tough-to-clean surfaces.

We do our best to make your children's dentist experiences as pleasant as possible.  If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please contact us today!