Crown & Bridges


When a tooth is heavily decayed it is more likely to fracture and lose considerable tooth substance. The greater risk is that a fracture line may go below the margin of the gum which makes restoration more difficult or near impossible.

A crown is a restoration that is customized to your mouth. Made out of either metal, porcelain fused to metal, or all ceramic material, a crown is placed over your existing tooth to create a natural look that functions just like an original tooth.


When a lost tooth is replace by Dr. Swarna with bridgework, the teeth on both side of the missing one are commonly prepared as we would for a crown. The preparation of the both teeth allows us to create a sufficient space to accommodate the materials that will hold the prosthetic tooth in place.

Both Crowns and Bridge requires two appointments.

During first appointment at our office, tooth or teeth will be prepared for Crown/Bridge. An impression is then made and sent to a dental lab so that Crown/Bridge can be customer fabricated. You will be fitted with a temporary cap until your next visit.

In second visit, your temporary cap will be removed and permanent crown/bridge will be cemented into place.