Crown Lengthening In Wayne, MI

If one or more of your teeth have tooth damage that extends below the gumline, you may not be a suitable candidate for dental crowns. Fortunately, Wayne Family Dental provides the perfect solutions for your oral needs. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Bhavani Swarna, performs crown lengthening in Wayne, MI, to enhance the size and shape of the visible part of your teeth. It is a minimally invasive surgery that restores the ideal gum-to-teeth proportions, making it safe and easier to place dental crowns. With this technique, we can also contour your gumline to reduce the appearance of a ‘gummy smile.’ Book a consultation today with our dental experts to find out if this treatment would work for you.

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Crown Lengthening

How Does Crown Lengthening Work?

From the name of this procedure, you may think that it involves lengthening or extending the natural tooth structure, but that’s not the case. Crown lengthening is a minor surgical procedure in which we remove excessive gum tissues to make your teeth appear longer. By exposing more of the tooth structure, we can greatly increase your eligibility for dental crowns.

Our Wayne, MI, dentists recommend crown lengthening if you have:

  • Tooth damage or decay that extends below the gum line
  • Small or irregularly sized teeth
  • Gummy smile appearance
  • Excessive gum tissues covering the teeth
  • Replacement of an old or damaged crown

Consult with our skilled dental experts to learn if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Types of Crown Lengthening In Wayne, MI

Crown lengthening can be performed for cosmetic or functional reasons. Considering the condition of your teeth and your personal preference, our dentist will finalize a plan that addresses your major issues.

  • Cosmetic lengthening:
    If you are unsatisfied with your gummy smile, you can benefit from this procedure. We will gently contour your gumline in a way that enhances the length of your natural tooth crowns. It will give you a fuller smile that adds to your natural beauty.
  • Functional lengthening:
    This type is ideal for those with small-sized teeth, excessive gum tissues, or tooth damage below the gumline. In this technique, we contour the gum tissues to reveal more of the natural tooth structure. This gives us a better area for the successful placement of dental crowns.

Questions About Crown Lengthening?

Treatment Overview with Our Reliable Team

The surgical process of crown lengthening may seem daunting, but our Wayne, MI, team uses advanced measures to make it comfortable and pain-free. First, we will inject a local anesthetic to numb your gums. We will carefully incise the excess gum tissues to contour their outline. In some cases, we may also remove a thin layer of the underlying bone to achieve better, long-lasting results.

Once the surgery is complete, we will rinse the area to avoid the risk of infection. As a final step, we will suture the gums in their new position. Rest assured that you will not feel pain or discomfort during treatment due to the effect of anesthesia. Our team will provide care guidelines to help you with the recovery period.

Recovery After Crown Lengthening

It is normal to experience slight pain or soreness in your gums for the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery. During this period, we recommend following our care instructions properly to avoid any complications. We will prescribe painkillers to help manage the symptoms. If you notice swelling in your gums, place a small ice pack on the region for a few minutes. It is also better to avoid hot, spicy, hard, and crunchy foods for a few days to allow your gums to heal.

Full recovery after a successful crown lengthening in Wayne, MI, may take around 3 months. We will schedule follow-up appointments to check how well your gums are recovering. If any issue arises, you can call us immediately for an urgent appointment.

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My experience at this office was very pleasant. The Hygienist Fatme and Gigi were very thorough and knowledgeable. My cleaning was very deep with no pain. The staff in the back was very friendly and they all welcome you with a smile on their face. Highly recommend!

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This was my first visit, I was impressed. The hygienist was thorough and gentle. Doctor took her time to explained the procedure I need done. Everyone was welcoming. set me up for my next appointment. Excellent first experience. Best dentist I have ever had.

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Just started going here, Everyone were so nice! It’s very clean and they work well with children. My son usually have a hard time with anxiety at the dentist, but they made him feel very calm, and relaxed! and he was happy and not in pain from getting his teeth pulled.

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