Crown Lengthening

Our practice offers superior quality crown lengthening at a very affordable rate, providing our patients with amazing tooth restoration that is miles ahead of the competition! While many dental offices refer this treatment to a periodontist, we are prepared for and skilled in top notch crown lengthening that can help to restore the original condition of your teeth while giving you a healthy and clean smile you can be proud of.

By temporarily displacing the gum our dentists are able to expose the damaged area and build a stronger base for restoration. For instance, if a cavity exists underneath the existing gum line, this procedure allows our professionals to adequately locate and fill it.

After moving your gums back we alter the surrounding soft tissue, reshape the bone and suture your gums back into place, creating a safe and symmetrically-sound area that gives us the room we need to treat and properly fill the cavity without any visible signs of gum or tooth alteration, returning your smile to its natural state. Crown lengthening provides us with the opportunity to fix irritating and hard-to-see dental problems that could potentially lead to bigger issues in the future!

We also apply this procedure to certain aspects of cosmetic dentistry, such as veneers. The construction of bridges and crowns often necessitates tooth lengthening so as to properly create a
more natural-looking smile, and tooth restoration is many times a key component of cosmetic teeth enhancement.

So if you’re suffering from a hidden dental issue and require someone you can trust, someone with years of crown lengthening experience that will treat your teeth as if they were their own and deliver fast, expert dental work at an affordable rate, then turn to dental professionals at Wayne Family Dental today! Call us at (734) 728-8800 or (734) 287-4620 to schedule an appointment.