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Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic concern — they can interfere with your chewing and speaking abilities, disrupting your normal routine. That’s why we provide different tooth replacement options at Wayne Family Dental to help you smile with confidence. If you are in need of an easy and convenient solution, we offer the fitting process of dentures in Wayne, MI, to replace missing teeth. Dr. Bhavani Swarna designs customized dentures that adapt well to the natural contours of your gums and give a natural appearance. To know which type of denture will best suit your needs, book a consultation at our practice today.

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How Do Dentures Replace Teeth?

With the advent of modern technology, several tooth replacement options are available nowadays. However, many people still prefer getting dentures due to their ease of use and affordability. A denture is a removable prosthetic device that replaces lost teeth and enhances oral functions. It has an acrylic or metal base that rests over the gums and supports one or more artificial teeth.

Our Wayne, MI, clinic offers custom-fit dentures that fit comfortably over your gums and jawbone. By replacing the missing tooth/teeth gap, they make your smile more attractive. They also allow you to bite, chew, and speak with more ease.

Types of Dentures in Wayne, MI

Dentures can be of different types and varieties, depending on the number of missing teeth. Our Wayne, MI, dentist will examine your teeth and surrounding tissues to select the best option for your oral needs. The main two types are:

  • Complete Dentures:
    These are an ideal option for those people who have lost all teeth in their upper, lower, or both jaws. For this type, we design an acrylic base that rests comfortably over your gum bed. We may incorporate a metal framework for additional strength. The base secures a full arch of artificial teeth that have a natural-looking appearance. They are removable and can be easily taken off for cleaning purposes.
  • Partial Dentures:
    If you have lost one or more teeth but still have some healthy teeth remaining, then we may recommend this type. Partials also have an acrylic base, but they have additional clasps or hooks that use the support of the adjacent healthy teeth. Depending on the number of missing teeth and their location, we can create a partial denture that improves your oral functions and aesthetics.

Questions About Dentures?

Advantages of Removable Dentures

Getting your missing teeth replaced with artificial prosthetics is now easier than ever. Our high-quality dentures in Wayne, MI, offer many benefits, some of which include:

  • Easy Replacement:
    They offer a quick and effective solution for replacing one or more lost teeth.
  • Versatile:
    We can customize their design, shape, and shade according to your needs and preferences.
  • Improved Functions:
    You can enjoy your favorite meals and speak more confidently.
  • Enhanced Smile:
    They fill in the missing tooth gaps, giving a harmonious look to your smile.
  • Removable:
    You can easily remove your denture for cleaning purposes without professional help.
  • Cost-Effective:
    Dentures are more affordable than other tooth replacement alternatives.

Procedure for Dentures in Wayne, MI

Before getting new dentures the residents of Wayne, MI, should have a consultation with our skilled dentists. We will examine your teeth, gums, and bone thickness to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Since these prosthetics rely entirely on jawbone support, you must have adequate bone density for the success of this treatment.
If you are eligible, we will begin by scanning of your upper and lower arches. We will also record your natural bite to ensure that the denture fits comfortably in your mouth. Our dentists will send these scannings to a dental lab, where your new denture will be fabricated.

Once it is ready, we will schedule an appointment to check if it fits. We will test the retention, comfort level, and appearance to ensure optimum results. If it needs any adjustments, our team will perform them immediately until you feel satisfied with your new denture.

What People Say About Us

My experience at this office was very pleasant. The Hygienist Fatme and Gigi were very thorough and knowledgeable. My cleaning was very deep with no pain. The staff in the back was very friendly and they all welcome you with a smile on their face. Highly recommend!

Dave Oregon

~ Angela Awada

This was my first visit, I was impressed. The hygienist was thorough and gentle. Doctor took her time to explained the procedure I need done. Everyone was welcoming. set me up for my next appointment. Excellent first experience. Best dentist I have ever had.

Dave Oregon

~ Oretha Zawu

Just started going here, Everyone were so nice! It’s very clean and they work well with children. My son usually have a hard time with anxiety at the dentist, but they made him feel very calm, and relaxed! and he was happy and not in pain from getting his teeth pulled.

Dave Oregon

~ Chaniece Nicholson

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If you are in search of an easy and cost-effective way to replace your missing teeth, visit our dental practice today. With our custom-fit dentures in Wayne, MI, you can experience improved oral functions and a confident smile. Call us at (734) 728-8800 for an appointment.

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