There are two types of dentures available on the market today: Complete Dentures, which are commonly used only when all the teeth are missing, and Partial Dentures, which are generally used to replace teeth in situations where some of the natural teeth still remain.

Our office offers both types and will provide our clients with the quality consultation and denture application necessary to give you the full, complete and brilliant smile that you deserve!

Dr. Bhavani Swarna, DDS, is an expert in dentures and can both recommend and develop a beautiful set of teeth that not only adheres to your mouth’s natural tissue but also delivers long-lasting comfort and durability. An artificial set of teeth, when properly created, installed and maintained, can offer a patient years of enjoyment and satisfaction with little to no worry or apprehension.

Dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth and can return to you a sense of confidence and independence you never knew possible! Our wealth of knowledge, years of experience and greatly-honed skill in the denture field make us your best option when searching for top-of-the-line dentures and all available denture-related services.

Dr. Swarna and her staff work hard to make sure each and every one of their patients feel safe, comfortable and relaxed during every visit, and they promise to do the same for you and your family. Our primary goal is to help you find a wonderful set of teeth that both look and feel great, dentures that improve your outlook and that you can be proud of for years and years to come!

Go with a name you can trust for quality, long-lasting dentures; a practice that puts your dental needs first and that won’t stop working until you’re completely satisfied! Call Wayne Family Dental at (734) 728-8800 to schedule an appointment today!