Preventive Dentistry In Wayne, MI

A healthy, bright smile results from taking good care of your oral hygiene at home, as well as getting professional dental checkups and cleanings. To keep your oral health in check, Dr. Bhavani Swarna recommends getting biannual oral exams as a part of preventive dentistry in Wayne, MI. This way, we can eliminate any potential threats to your oral health, such as cavities, infections, and gum disease, before they worsen. At Wayne Family Dental, we utilize advanced diagnostic techniques and prophylactic measures to maintain your teeth and gums in a healthy condition. Get to know more about our preventive dental care by scheduling an appointment at our practice today.

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Preventive Dentistry

Why Is Preventive Dental Care Necessary?

The aim of preventive dental care is to avert dental issues from occurring by minimizing the risk factors. It involves regular dental checkups, cleanings, X-rays, and other preventive measures that help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Our teeth are exposed to various substances on a daily basis. These food particles stick to our teeth and gums, creating a perfect environment for oral bacteria. As the harmful oral bacteria grow in number, they can dissolve the outer layer of enamel, causing tooth decay. Furthermore, they cause inflammation and infections of the gum tissues, which may advance to serious complications.

Our Wayne, MI, team can reduce these risk factors with preventive dentistry. By taking proactive measures to strengthen your teeth and reduce the chances of plaque buildup, we can help you maintain a healthy, confident smile for many years.

Our Preventive Dentistry Services In Wayne, MI

During your initial visit to our dental clinic, our dentist will assess your oral cavity to look for signs of common dental issues. Even in the absence of noticeable symptoms, we still recommend getting preventive dental care to optimize your oral health. Our Wayne, MI, facility offers various preventive dentistry services to keep your teeth and gums risk-free.

Questions About Preventive Dentistry?

Oral Exams And Digital X-Rays

One of the most important components of prophylactic dental care is regular oral exams. The American Dental Association recommends getting routine dental exams every six months to keep your oral health in check. During your clinical examination, we will also perform digital X-rays of the areas that seem concerning. They allow us to obtain a detailed view of your oral tissues and diagnose any underlying problems.

Dental Cleanings

Routine dental cleanings are an essential part of preventive dental care with us in Wayne, MI. As time passes, you may see stains or tartar deposits on your teeth that do not come off even with diligent brushing. During a dental cleaning procedure, we gently remove these stains, plaque deposits, and tartar around your teeth and gums. Getting professional dental cleanings can help reduce the risk of tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens the tooth enamel and prevents dental caries. When it is incorporated with the tooth enamel, it forms a strong barrier against harmful oral bacteria that may cause tooth decay. That’s why we offer fluoride treatments as a part of preventive dentistry in Wayne, MI. Professional fluoride treatments are safe for both children and adults. They can reinforce your enamel and prevent tooth decay.

Dental Sealants

The posterior teeth have deep grooves or pits on their chewing surfaces that are more prone to dental cavities. Bacteria often accumulate in these regions, causing tooth decay. To prevent the risk of dental cavities, we coat these areas with dental sealants. They are tooth-colored resins that stick to your tooth structure and form a protective barrier against harmful oral bacteria. We particularly recommend sealants for children to protect their newly erupted permanent molars.

Full Mouth Scanning

Experience advanced dental care with our full mouth scanning using intraoral scanners. We thoroughly examine your bite, identify any trauma from occlusion, and provide a visual guide to help you understand how it impacts both your teeth and temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

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All of the staff is very friendly, professional and helpful always! Took their time to do things thoroughly and correctly and explained everything. I highly recommend Wayne family dental!

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This great place to bring your family the place is clean the Dr us great and the staff that works with her are very kind and they all take time to know you I can't wait to see my smile when they are done..

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One of the sweetest group of people working in one location. The Dr always does her best to try to make me comfortable and I appreciate it so so much. Highly recommended!!

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One of the sweetest group of people working in one location. The Dr always does her best to try to make me comfortable and I appreciate it so so much. Highly recommended!!

Dave Oregon

~ Kristen Wheeler

Keep Your Smile Bright And Healthy

Don’t wait for dental issues to ruin your precious smile. Take a proactive step for your oral health today by visiting our clinic for preventive dentistry in Wayne, MI. With the help of our caring dental professionals, you can maintain healthy teeth and gums for years to come. Call us at (734) 728-8800 to schedule an appointment.

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