Preventive Dentistry

Some of the services included in preventive care are: comprehensive oral exams; dental cleaning and hygiene; low radiation digital x-rays; and night guards.

When you visit Dr. Swarna, you will receive a complimentary oral evaluation of your teeth and gums including:

  • gum disease evaluation
  • tooth decay screening
  • oral cancer screening
  • examination of your existing teeth and gums
  • occlusion analysis

To help keep your smile healthy, dental hygienists at Wayne Family Dental perform thorough dental cleanings.  Your cleaning will include:

  • tartar removal
  • plaque removal
  • teeth polishing
  • fluoride treatment (age appropriate)

At Wayne Family Dental, we are focused on using the most advanced technology to provide the best treatment for our patients.  Using low radiation digital x-rays gives better results for better treatment with less radiation exposure.

Close to 20% of adults grind or clench their teeth causing excessive wear on teeth and muscle fatigue in the face and neck.  Dr. Swarna can fit you with night guards to wear over your upper and/or lower teeth to reduce the damaging effects of grinding and clenching.

Early detection and regular dental care is important in keeping your teeth and gums in the best possible shape.  Call us today with any questions about preventive care or to set up an appointment.