Root Canal Treatment

Many people dread a root canal because they associate it with a high level of pain and discomfort, either due to the misery of their last experience or because of less-than-pleasant stories heard from friends and family members.

We, however, believe in creating an environment free of both fear and worry, and we will do our best to ensure your comfort and minimize the pain. Dr. Swarna provides professional care with a personal touch, always putting the patient first and delivering only the finest dental treatment to each and every person.

If you have a tooth that is badly decayed and in need of attention, you may be a prime candidate for this procedure. A root canal is designed to remove the nerve and pulp at the core of the tooth, allowing the dentist to fill and seal that tooth to prevent any further decay and the possibility of infection. This process is often necessary to save a tooth’s life, stop infection and safeguard the health of the surrounding teeth and gums. Root canals are very common procedures and are critical to the maintenance of a healthy smile.

Our office is in the business of creating a calm and friendly atmosphere that eliminates fear by catering to each patient’s unique individual needs. Dr. Bhavani Swarna is an accomplished and talented dentist who understands the apprehension many people feel as they both consider and undergo a root canal procedure, and will stop at nothing to treat everyone as if they were members of her own family.

Place your root canal needs in the gentle and capable hands of Dr. Swarna by calling (734) 728-8800 or (734) 287-4620 today! Protect and keep your smile for a long, long time with the professionals at Wayne Family Dental Associates.