What to Do When Your Dental Bridge Falls Out?

A dental bridge is a long-term treatment for treating consecutive tooth loss. It is maintained in place by gluing dental crowns to the neighboring teeth. You will have peace of mind knowing that your new teeth will remain in place. You wouldn’t anticipate them to fall out, but it’s quite normal.

Bridges and crowns typically last 10 years before needing to be replaced, however this varies depending on the scenario. Let’s find out the reasons behind a dental bridge fall out and what to do after that.

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    Why Does Dental Bridge Fall Out?

    There are numerous factors that can cause a dental bridge fall out, such as:

    • When you have a filling, crown, or other dental implement, there is a higher risk of dental decay where the natural tooth meets the dental implement. Bacteria may typically develop in cracks or indentations. Over time, the tooth might erode beneath the dental crown. This can cause the bridge to loosen and ultimately fall off.
    • Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can also cause dental bridges to fall out.
    • The teeth used to support the bridge are referred to as abutment teeth. If those teeth begin to deteriorate, they will lose the capacity to support the dental bridge.

    Questions About What to Do When Your Dental Bridge Falls Out??

    5 Things to Do When Your Dental Bridge Falls Out

    Do not panic if your dental bridge has fallen out! Here’s what you should do when your dental bridge fall out:

    1. Call Your Dentist
      Dental bridges are intended to fit perfectly; any modifications or damage may impair their functioning. Your dentist will thoroughly inspect the bridge, evaluate your dental health, and recommend the best course of action for your dental bridge fallout.

      Delays in seeking expert treatment might lead to difficulties, so make an appointment as soon as possible.

    2. Wash Your Mouth
      Once you’ve analyzed the issue, it’s time to clean both the fallen dental bridge and your mouth. Rinse the bridge and your mouth with lukewarm water to get rid of any dirt or bacteria. Be gentle to prevent inflicting more injury.
    3. Collect the Pieces
      Once a dental bridge falls out, it is vital to act quickly to prevent the bridge’s components from becoming lost or damaged. Put the bridge in a sturdy container with a cover. Your dentist may be able to glue it back in place without the need for replacement.
    4. Avoid Certain Food
      Eat soft meals and avoid chewing with your exposed teeth. To prevent sensitivity, avoid eating and drinking anything hot, cold, or acidic.
    5. Avoid Reattaching
      Let the professionals handle the mending the process, reattaching dental bridges that fall out yourself can cause more troubles for you.

    Bottom Line!

    A dental bridge fallout can be frightening, but with the proper information and preparations, it does not have to be. If your dental bridge falls out ever, simply reach out to us at Wayne Family Dental or book an appointment by calling (734)-728-8800.

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